Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In need for the perfect necklace???

Well if you are, look no further! As necklaces can make or break an outfit, I thought that I would feature some great vintage jewelry sites. The following are some great pieces I found on my serach. Take some time to check out the following website, and hopefully you'll find that must have piece that you've been looking for!!


Who/What is Fay Cullen?

Fay Cullen Inc. is a extremely high-end vintage jewelry site. They only offer the best of the best. You must set up an account with them. There is no online shopping cart, so all purchases are handled directly with their sales department. I am not sure who could afford this stuff, I know I can't! BUT, we can all drool in hopes that someday we will be wealthy and frivolous enough to spend thousands of dollars on a necklace! - #1

This 1930's vintage pearl and diamond necklace has 46 cultured pearls, and the diamonds collectively weigh 2.23cts. It is available for $5,500US. Just incase you were wondering... ha! -#2

For the very very very wealthy, this emerald necklace weighs 357.8g, it's 1752.ooct. Just in case you were wondering, it is available for purchase for $29,000US. - #3

Wow! WOW! Wow! Um, in my dreams! Perfect for Bridal, evening, anything really! This 1920's pearl tassle necklace is made of cultured cream coloured pearls with a combined weight of 67.9g! This necklace is available for purchase for $2,340US.

Who is Michelle?

Michelle started her website 5 years ago. Before going online she sold vintage pieces to stores for around 12 years. Her passion for unique jewelry and estate pieces is very apparent in the variety of styles that she has available. On top of jewelry she also carries purses and hats. Michelle's site was awarded the "Angel of Fashion" award. Check it out at -#1

This 1930's necklace is made of gilt brass with amber colored crystals and molded glass. It's a gorgeous Bohemian style necklace. It is available for $165US. - #2

I love this funky piece. This wide collar with faux turquoise and silver is ideal for a LARGE necklace lover. This necklace is perfect for a night out on the town! It was made in the 1960's and it is available for $45US.

Who is Annie Sherman?

I was very much impressed by the variety of costume jewellry in Annie Sherman's website. Annie Sherman prides herself on her home based business, her excellent customer service, and her passion for vintage jewelry. I was most impressed by the amount of information about vintage jewelry ranging from how to care for your jewelry to the history of vintage earrings. This website is a "must see" for jewelry lovers! . - #1

Definitely for a confident women. This coin choker make a very strong statement. Could be worn for everyday wear with a pair of jeans or could be worn with for something more formal. This coin bib style choker with emerald colored glass and antique silvertone was made in the 1930's. It is available for $188US. Item #N168244. - #2

Grapey goodiness! This goldtone mesh necklace with faux pearls is great for a dramatic evening look, preferably a LOW CUT dress (ooooo, la, la). It was made circa 1965. It is avaiable for $128US. Item #N168172. - #3

Wow, this is the ultimate mod sixties necklace. This polished silver necklace was manufactured by jewelry designer, Monet. It was made circa 1965. It is available for $98US. Item #N16823.

What is Vintage Pimp??

I came across this website a few days ago, and since then I have been checking back to see what new exciting "stuff" they have for sale. While I find their entire site intersting, I really loved what they had available for jewelry. It's hard to find vintage jewelry on the net at reasonable prices. I read the reviews and there was a lot of positive feedback from their customers. It's definitely a site that you can find interesting, not so "second hand" looking, garments. Check it out at - #1

In true 60's/70's hippie form, here is a brass tone art piece with black leather cord strap. It is available for $25 US. Item #JEWL00100. - #2

I love this piece! Perfect for a authentic mod look. The pendant measures 3 3/4 inches long and 2 1/8 inches wide! This Trafari brand goldtone metal and plastic necklace is available for $25US. Item #JEWL00308. - #3

This 1960's mod necklace could pass for any of the big chunky plastic jewelry of the 80's. It's 24.5 inches long and is available for $25US. Item #JEWL00095 - #4

Finally, for those who have the die-hard hippie streak in them, here's where the happy face fad actually begin, in the heart of the sixties. This painted metal happy face necklace is available for $25US. Item #JEWL00231.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


GAAAAHHH!!!! So great. So what is the perfect shoe to wear with your mini skirts in the summer... why 60's go-go boots of course!! You can get these Beauts at
These boots retail for $125 USD.

Soooo nice hehe!

Sunglass Summer...

So, I am a total nut for sunglasses, especially vintage sunglasses. My boyfriend sometimes thinks I look like nutbar with the glasses that I buy, but oh well, to each thier own right??

So I was on the hunt for some glasses a WHILE ago (I think it was midterm last semester) and I bought these crazy green 60's mod glasses in Kensington. I am not a big Kensington fan, but every once and a while you will find something fun there.

So I was looking around for a couple new pairs of sunglasses for the summer, and I came across this great website. If you like mod or 70's hippie fashions you have to check out

Here are some great sunglasses from They are all still available, so if you love 'em, buy 'em!









Thursday, May 25, 2006


Going along with the swimsuit theme, here are a pair of 1970's "hippy" sandals that I found on They are 22.00 British Pounds, which is around $45 Canadian, or around $41 US. I think they are pretty cute!

Ugh, Bathing Suits Shopping Time...

So, if you are even slightly like me, you aren't crazy about the thought of shopping for a bathing suit. It's one of those things that you wish you could avoid... which you could if you want... but then you miss out on all the beach fun! So, here are some vintage and vintage repro swimsuits for women who might not be slender enough to pull off the ever popular string bikini.

1930's Repro

Item # 5181RV, $125 USD,

Late 1950's Repro

Item # 5186RV, $125 USD,

1930's Repro

The first bikinis????

Item # 5190RV, $125 USD,


I love the little buttons;

Item # 61580909-1, $48 USD, 1960's,


Yeah! cherry red!, $50 USD


I really like the pattern on this one:, $35 USD

Sunday, May 21, 2006



Re-Mix Classic Vintage Footwear is AMAZING. You have to check out this site, It definitely speaks for itself. Here are some of the shoes available.


Christy's Vintage Wedding Picks

So, it's wedding season again, and around this time of year I am always looking to see what's new in bridal designs... it's usually never much. I have always been a big fan of bridal, and even did bridal for my big fourth year collection. Here are some pics from the show:

Meh, the dresses were a little big for the models, or as I would like to think it, the models were WAY TOO SMALL for the dresses. Stupid Ryerson, and their half-ass-backward way of fitting. ARGH. Anyhow, once I get my whole collection back I will post some pics of the shoot I am planning.

So onto vintage... I was thinking to myself... "If I am always so disapointed with current fashion, maybe I should do the Christy thing and go vintage..."

This is where I ran into big problems... Meh, when it comes to bridal, vintage isn't really the best way to go... So here are some repros of some gowns that I think are worthy of the title of "Great Alternative Bridal":

With so much to choose from, I was actually attracted to how dainty and feminine these are... Soft and completely different from the overly ornate and stiff bridal that is all over the magazines these days.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Shoe of the Day!

I am not sure why my stupid blog has a big space at the top, and I have spent an hour trying to fix it. Oh well I guess I will have to wait for my geeky boyfriend to fix it for me. :)

Anyhoo, Here is the Shoe of the Day:

1960's Battani Gingham Boots!

Sooo nice, I wanted to buy them, but they are a little out of my price range AND I don't wear a size 6!, $335 USD

Summer Fun...

Today, I decided to look for something for the beach or for a fun summer night out on the town.


LOVE this dress... flirty, airy, comfy - the perfect summer dress...
#22125-1,, $29.00 USD


For the more daring, a mod, sixties floral dress with mandarin collar and mini skirt too boot!
# 61108507-1,, $32.00 USD


AHH! Too cool for school! I love this dress! Cotton broadcloth with Cayman Island print.
# 22128-1,, $54.00 USD

Accessory of the day!


So cute, it reminds me of the 1959 "ponytail" barbie. Infact, it still has the $1.49 price tag on the lens. HA!, $18.00USD


In the Beginning...

Just incase you don't read my profile, I would like to take a minute to provide a brief description of what I plan to do here. It's true I finally joined the ranks of Fashion Bloggers. This is almost laughable to me, as I swore I would never get into this sort of thing. Although I went to school for Fashion Design, I have always known, that I AM NOT FASHIONABLE. In my opinion, that's okay. I really don't mind. I wear what I like, when I like, and there isn't a trend in the world that I will allow dictate the shirt on my back.... SOOO, "why start a Fashion Blog?" you're probably wondering. Well, I am still passionate about Fashion, especially vintage, and sometimes it's great to share the great finds you come by while perusing the internet.

So, please stay tuned, check back and post... Leave your blog address if you want, and I will post it.


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