Sunday, May 21, 2006

Christy's Vintage Wedding Picks

So, it's wedding season again, and around this time of year I am always looking to see what's new in bridal designs... it's usually never much. I have always been a big fan of bridal, and even did bridal for my big fourth year collection. Here are some pics from the show:

Meh, the dresses were a little big for the models, or as I would like to think it, the models were WAY TOO SMALL for the dresses. Stupid Ryerson, and their half-ass-backward way of fitting. ARGH. Anyhow, once I get my whole collection back I will post some pics of the shoot I am planning.

So onto vintage... I was thinking to myself... "If I am always so disapointed with current fashion, maybe I should do the Christy thing and go vintage..."

This is where I ran into big problems... Meh, when it comes to bridal, vintage isn't really the best way to go... So here are some repros of some gowns that I think are worthy of the title of "Great Alternative Bridal":

With so much to choose from, I was actually attracted to how dainty and feminine these are... Soft and completely different from the overly ornate and stiff bridal that is all over the magazines these days.

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