Thursday, June 29, 2006


Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I have been crazy busy with work, and now my grandfather is sick... so I will relay my longgg story of the search for the perfffect vintage gown for the convention in September, soon.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Illustration Friday: Rain

So I started doing illustration friday a few weeks ago. this week's subject was rain, so here is my little addition to the site.

My illustration friday blog can be found at:

Check out other great illustrations on!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Vintage Fashion Art Posters c/o

Today I wasn't really sure what I wanted to post about. I was going through some things that I have still not unpacked (I recently moved into a new apartment) and came across a book with an amazing Bourjois Parfums Paris ad on it. I loved it so much. I got really frustrated with myself immediately because I couldn't remember the name of the illustrator. I went online trying to figure it out (because I did know, and now I can't remember) and I came across so many amazing vintage fashion posters that I simply HAD to post about them. Vintage fashion posters can fit in almost any space! Really, think about how many you have seen in restaurants, hotels, friends apartments, everywhere! Therefore here are a few of MANY amazing vintage fashion posters that I found on I just searched for vintage fashion and it came up with some really amazing artwork! CHECK IT OUT!

This cosmetic suntan lotion ad depicts the goddess, Josephine Baker. I love it! EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!! Infact I sorta want to make teeshirt of it! Just for me! Wow, this lipstick ad is pretty provocative! I think it is so amazing how some illustrators can capture so much with sooo little line work!
A 1914 illustration by the infamous Georges Barbier! You must look his illustrations up, there are spectacular!

More Vintage Fashion Art Posters -

I should remember the name of this illustrator because I actually went to the library to find out, but I can't remember! Which is so terrible because I absolutely love his work (yes I know it is a "he"). Anyhow, I first fell in love with his illustrations for Bourjois Parfums Paris when a family member bought me a little book with this illustration on the cover. I loved it so much. It is one of the most elegant fashion illustrations I have ever seen! I guess I can buy the poster now!

Another amazing Bourjois Parfums Paris ad. I love it, not only because it is beautiful but because the woman bears a strong resemblance to my favourite actress of all time, Audrey Hepburn. It reminds me of Sabrina so much! Maybe it is from around the same time??

Everything about this poster is beautiful, from the woman, to the gates, bird, and train. I love how the colours are very muted and soft....

More Vintage Fashion Art Prints -

I am sure who designed this print, but I really love... especially his big round glasses... I love a man in glasses. Hehe. This print would look amazing if it was HUGE and on a red brick wall.
Beautiful add for "The Custom Tailored Man". Can you imagine if guys still dress like this everyday? Wow. But then again, I am sucker for jeans.

Jose De Zamora print. I love the BIG feathers and looowww backs... Supreme elegance, almost makes me want to go and buy a boa!

More Vintage Fashion Posters @

Beautiful volumptious women make a statement in this Louis Icart art print. Makes me want to go and show off my figure in Monte Carlo!!
Bernard Villemot did many display posters for Bally. This is my fav. I love the exaggerated s-pose and the undeniably cute polka dot dress!
Many vintage Vogue covers have been made into posters... I like this one especially, but there are a million

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Story of the Travelling Parasol

When I was shopping one day in Tokyo, I came across these two girls. Initially I just loved how the one was dressed. They didn't mind that I took a picture, and I'm happy I did, cause it clearly illustates the point I want to make about parasols. Look at all those incredibly hot people in the background. Now, don't these two look much cooler? Haha!

(warning: terrible ugly picture of myself) I realized this soon and bought my own parasol. Here I am wearing my hotel bathrobe (btw the best bathrobe I have ever had in a hotel) and showing off my parasol. I bought this stupid parasol on the first day I was on my trip and had to drag around 4 cities, two in Japan, and two in Thailand. Do you think that I have ever used it to this day? NO! I haven't for two reasons, a) it's huge, b) I am still a little chicken... After the last two scorchers outside, I think I might actually use it!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Incredibly HOT Day in T.O.

Wow! I spent most of the day outside, and feel as though I am suffering from not only blisters from the damn flip flops I was wearing all day, but also a touch of heat stroke! Okay, I am over-exaggerating a bit with the heat stroke, but it actually reached 91 degrees fahrenheit or 33 degrees celsius (I am not sure if I spelt either of them right!)

So I thought that I would look into retro ways of keeping the sun out, you know, before it became fashionable to be orange.

..... Oh, I thought it is sorta funny how blogger thinks that I might be a spam blog, and is making me use word verification to post now. HA! Today's word verification code: fczdaea!

hats to block the sun from

One sure fire way to prevent a burn is to wear a sun/wide brimmed hat. has many amazing vintage hats, and although I didn't post of the most extravagent or unique hats, I felt that each of these would be great to block the sun.

Parasols from Bella Umbrella

Another fantastic retro way of blocking out those unbearable rays is to use an umbrella/parasol. I am not sure why it ever went out of style for ladies to walk around with parasols, because I am always looking for some shade especially on days like today!! I guess I don't put enough thought into my tan. For more information on these and other great umbrellas check out!

New Illustration Blog

check it out for my submissions to Illustration Friday.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Vintage Clothing Care - Tips Taken From

Now that we all have shopped our little vintage loving hearts out (or window shopped as I have), the next and most important question is "how do I care for my vintage clothes?" The absolute worst thing to happen to anyone when they buy vintage is to ruin their garment because they don't have any idea on how to properly take care of them.

I found some very useful tips on on how to properly clean and store your vintage or antique garments.

General Tips For Cleaning

- Be Careful!! When cleaning any vintage garments, especially silks, you are taking a huge risk.

- Make sure the fabric is washable by doing some research into exactly what type of fabric was used in the garment. It is better to try to find some good advice (i.e. books or professional advice) when considering washing vintage before actually attempting it.

- Check for colourfastness.

-Check for holes. Holes may worsen with cleaning. Rust stains may turn into holes with washing.

- If you are considering dry cleaning, investigate your dry cleaners knowledge of laundering vintage clothes. Make sure to ask about methods, and their process. Some dry cleaners use high heat while cleaning which may damage vintage clothes.

- Home dry cleaning kits are useful for eliminating smell.

- Clean any recent stains before storage. They may become impossible to remove after they have set in over time and may actually lead to disintegration.

General Tips for Storage

- Store your garments in acid-free tissue or cloth (i.e. clean muslin). This will help absorb harmful acids in your garments that might lead to disintegration or stains.

- Fragile items should be stored flat. Hanging garments could lead to tears in the shoulders overtime.

- ALWAYS store 1920's beaded garments flat. They heavy beading will lead to shredding in the shoulder area of the garment.

- It is best to purchase acid-free archival textile boxes for storage. If you cannot afford this, ($50-$150) do not use cardboard boxes as card board contains harmful acids that can ruin vintage clothing. You can use plasitc boxes, but make sure to wrap your garments in acid-free tissue first. Mildew may grow in plastic boxes, and it is best to store them in a temperature controlled, dry environment.

- Store garments in a dark environment.

For full instructions on how to properly care for your vintage garments please visit: . Happy Cleaning!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Wow, well, I found where I am going to buy my wedding gown when I get married! WOW! Not only that, I might splurge and buy a evening gown for this ball I am going to in the fall. WOW! You absolutely must visit They have the best of the best vintage and antique gowns that I have seen on the internet from Victorian/Edwardian fashions to Couture/Designer gowns. Absolutely THEEEE place to find the perfect vintage gown. IT'S A DEFINITE MUST-SEE!!

Here's a sneek peek (click on images for full size view):

Friday, June 09, 2006

Illustration Friday - Jungle

The "Canadian" Jungle. HA!

I thought I would participate in Illustration Friday (

Cocktail Hour

To be honest, I am not planning attending any cocktail parties, but I love cocktail dresses. With how casual life has become, I just love to look back and marvel at some of the beautiful dresses/gowns women used to wear "back in the day". Here are an arrangement of very different cocktail dresses. They are all available for sale, so check them out!!

50's Cocktail dress with Sash and Bow.

I am not usually a huge fan of the '50's cocktail dress, but something about this dress really impressed me. On top of that I am not a huge fan of bows but I just love this one. Don't ask, I guess that is just good design.

This dress is available on for $245 US. Item #v4046

Chiffon Plaid/Floral Halter Gown

This beautiful chiffon summer dress features a halter top, waist sash, plaid and floral print. Now if you just read that description it doesn't seem like it would be a very appealing dress, but whoever designed this dress sure did pull it off. I love it.

It is available on for $165 US.
Item #v3934

Burnt Orange Beaded Evening Gown

If you really want to make a impression at your next evening/cocktail event, this orange 60's gown is perfect for you. The bodice is encrusted with beautiful beads and the wide sash really makes a elegant statement.

This gown is available on for $250 US. Item #17796-1

Turquoise Chiffon Shift

When I first saw the full sized image of this dress, I wasn't really impressed, but when I looked at the detail pictures I fell in love. I love how breezy the chiffon looks.

It is available on for $85 US. Item #61320206-1

60's Chinese inspired Emerald Green Dress

Wow! This shantung silk chinese inspired dress is so stunning! It is available on It is available on
for $30 US (!!!!!). Item #61095907

Bright Orange Cocktail Dress

Quite the vibrant party dress. This beaded orange dress is available on, for $150 US. Item #CP01


Amazing. Amazing. This 60's shift is printed with actual ads from the yellow pages. It's a great conversation piece, and, if you get bored and don't have a book handy, you can keep yourself busy reading your dress!

This dress is available on, for $480 US. It's a little expensive, but it is in excellent condition and very rare!


I was having some real issues finding a great shoe today! Finally I found a cute pair of mules perfect for cocktail hour!

These black Daniel Green slippers with satin cord trim are a size 6.5.
You can find them on

Monday, June 05, 2006

Far TOO Cute! -

Recently, Nikki from, left a comment on my blog. When I looked her up I found her fab blog, and eventually her fab website.

She recently opened her own online vintage store via Ebay, so I thought that I would do a little showcase on her here. Basically, she's a vintage shopping addict (sound familiar) and decided to open her own store. Her goal is to offer the best vintage for the best price. So far so good! Her prices are incredible! Infact, everything starts below $15US. So you're thinking, "yeah okay, I have been on other vintage sites and seen what they have available for $15 or less... and it's really not too exciting..." Well here's the answer...

All of these pieces are for $15 or less. I think I just may have to bid on that firey orange mod dress!!

So, CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE AT, as well visit her fun vintage fashion blog at

Happy Shopping!


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