Monday, June 05, 2006

Far TOO Cute! -

Recently, Nikki from, left a comment on my blog. When I looked her up I found her fab blog, and eventually her fab website.

She recently opened her own online vintage store via Ebay, so I thought that I would do a little showcase on her here. Basically, she's a vintage shopping addict (sound familiar) and decided to open her own store. Her goal is to offer the best vintage for the best price. So far so good! Her prices are incredible! Infact, everything starts below $15US. So you're thinking, "yeah okay, I have been on other vintage sites and seen what they have available for $15 or less... and it's really not too exciting..." Well here's the answer...

All of these pieces are for $15 or less. I think I just may have to bid on that firey orange mod dress!!

So, CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE AT, as well visit her fun vintage fashion blog at

Happy Shopping!


Wow! Thanks so much for the write-up. I am blushing :)
I'm loving the orange dress, too. Such a tough color to pull off, though.
Nice work Christy... sharing the love and the links, and your blog will snowball as you find your niche!

Oh, and thanks so much for the link! Returned in kind =)
Thanks Danielle.

Tessaj, yes, that orange is hard to pull off, but oh man I want! I want!
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