Saturday, June 17, 2006

Parasols from Bella Umbrella

Another fantastic retro way of blocking out those unbearable rays is to use an umbrella/parasol. I am not sure why it ever went out of style for ladies to walk around with parasols, because I am always looking for some shade especially on days like today!! I guess I don't put enough thought into my tan. For more information on these and other great umbrellas check out!

I'm all about the parasols. And I feel a special connection with other parasol carriers. Warning: it's stil considered unusual enough to merit a lot of street commentary.
I love parasols! I picked one up in Japan, that I ALLLLMOST threw away... by the urging of my space concious boyfriend. It has a big dragon on it. I think I might break it out this summer, cause the sun seems as though it's going to be extremely intense. The only problem is --- it's HUGE!!
I saw a woman carrying a parasol today (it was 92 degrees in Boston!!), and she looked very chic. Can I say that the upper left-hand parasol you featured is GORGEOUS!!
Hey, this is Jodell from Bella Umbrella...Christy thank you for featuring some of my umbrellas in your blog. I think it’s awesome that you are spreading the word about how sensibly cool umbrellas and parasols are. Thanks again!!!

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