Monday, June 19, 2006

The Story of the Travelling Parasol

When I was shopping one day in Tokyo, I came across these two girls. Initially I just loved how the one was dressed. They didn't mind that I took a picture, and I'm happy I did, cause it clearly illustates the point I want to make about parasols. Look at all those incredibly hot people in the background. Now, don't these two look much cooler? Haha!

(warning: terrible ugly picture of myself) I realized this soon and bought my own parasol. Here I am wearing my hotel bathrobe (btw the best bathrobe I have ever had in a hotel) and showing off my parasol. I bought this stupid parasol on the first day I was on my trip and had to drag around 4 cities, two in Japan, and two in Thailand. Do you think that I have ever used it to this day? NO! I haven't for two reasons, a) it's huge, b) I am still a little chicken... After the last two scorchers outside, I think I might actually use it!

Great pics! Have you checked out the book "Fruits" by Shoichi Aoki, it is filled with Japanese street style pictures.
um...i might brave the heat to score that bathrobe. as a matter of fact i might just skip everything and walk around all day in the robe :-) ok i do love the parasol too!
Actually, I have seen that book before, it's amazing! I came across it when I was doing a bit of research before my trip.

Ok, so I haven't broken out the parasol yet, but really it could be anyday now!
I love the idea of a parasol (though in San Francisco it's not really needed) but you're right that in most places it's an act of bravery!
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