Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Vintage Clothing Care - Tips Taken From www.hemlockvintage.com

Now that we all have shopped our little vintage loving hearts out (or window shopped as I have), the next and most important question is "how do I care for my vintage clothes?" The absolute worst thing to happen to anyone when they buy vintage is to ruin their garment because they don't have any idea on how to properly take care of them.

I found some very useful tips on www.hemlockvintage.com on how to properly clean and store your vintage or antique garments.

General Tips For Cleaning

- Be Careful!! When cleaning any vintage garments, especially silks, you are taking a huge risk.

- Make sure the fabric is washable by doing some research into exactly what type of fabric was used in the garment. It is better to try to find some good advice (i.e. books or professional advice) when considering washing vintage before actually attempting it.

- Check for colourfastness.

-Check for holes. Holes may worsen with cleaning. Rust stains may turn into holes with washing.

- If you are considering dry cleaning, investigate your dry cleaners knowledge of laundering vintage clothes. Make sure to ask about methods, and their process. Some dry cleaners use high heat while cleaning which may damage vintage clothes.

- Home dry cleaning kits are useful for eliminating smell.

- Clean any recent stains before storage. They may become impossible to remove after they have set in over time and may actually lead to disintegration.

General Tips for Storage

- Store your garments in acid-free tissue or cloth (i.e. clean muslin). This will help absorb harmful acids in your garments that might lead to disintegration or stains.

- Fragile items should be stored flat. Hanging garments could lead to tears in the shoulders overtime.

- ALWAYS store 1920's beaded garments flat. They heavy beading will lead to shredding in the shoulder area of the garment.

- It is best to purchase acid-free archival textile boxes for storage. If you cannot afford this, ($50-$150) do not use cardboard boxes as card board contains harmful acids that can ruin vintage clothing. You can use plasitc boxes, but make sure to wrap your garments in acid-free tissue first. Mildew may grow in plastic boxes, and it is best to store them in a temperature controlled, dry environment.

- Store garments in a dark environment.

For full instructions on how to properly care for your vintage garments please visit: http://www.hemlockvintage.com/care.html . Happy Cleaning!

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