Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Vintage Fashion Art Posters c/o www.allposters.com

Today I wasn't really sure what I wanted to post about. I was going through some things that I have still not unpacked (I recently moved into a new apartment) and came across a book with an amazing Bourjois Parfums Paris ad on it. I loved it so much. I got really frustrated with myself immediately because I couldn't remember the name of the illustrator. I went online trying to figure it out (because I did know, and now I can't remember) and I came across so many amazing vintage fashion posters that I simply HAD to post about them. Vintage fashion posters can fit in almost any space! Really, think about how many you have seen in restaurants, hotels, friends apartments, everywhere! Therefore here are a few of MANY amazing vintage fashion posters that I found on www.allposters.com. I just searched for vintage fashion and it came up with some really amazing artwork! CHECK IT OUT!

This cosmetic suntan lotion ad depicts the goddess, Josephine Baker. I love it! EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!! Infact I sorta want to make teeshirt of it! Just for me! Wow, this lipstick ad is pretty provocative! I think it is so amazing how some illustrators can capture so much with sooo little line work!
A 1914 illustration by the infamous Georges Barbier! You must look his illustrations up, there are spectacular!

This is a great site! Thanks for visiting mine earlier today, and for the reminder... I've since updated my entry - forgot very important information. It's great to meet another fellow Canadian fashion person!
LOVE that lipstick ad. I've been checking out that site for awhile now as I just painted my bedroom and need some art to liven it up!)
The lipstich ad is pretty wonderful. I really love it... I think it's says so much about an illustrator when they can say so much with only a few lines on paper.
I love this site.
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