Sunday, June 11, 2006


Wow, well, I found where I am going to buy my wedding gown when I get married! WOW! Not only that, I might splurge and buy a evening gown for this ball I am going to in the fall. WOW! You absolutely must visit They have the best of the best vintage and antique gowns that I have seen on the internet from Victorian/Edwardian fashions to Couture/Designer gowns. Absolutely THEEEE place to find the perfect vintage gown. IT'S A DEFINITE MUST-SEE!!

Here's a sneek peek (click on images for full size view):

I love that goddess style white dress at the bottom. Gorgeous!
the white Yves St. Laurent dress?? I want that to be my wedding gown someday!
I have to stay away from there or I'll buy something I'll never wear (it'd be bad luck to buy a wedding dress when I haven't had a date in two months!)

What GORGEOUS dresses!
Tessaj - Haha! I suppose that is jumping the gun a little! :)
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